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  • SF-920 Kondensatormikrofon speziell zum Chatten und Singen über Internet-Schwarz

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For the price, it is amazing. The sound quality is better than most "Gaming Headsets" around $40.

With a sound card, it can sound better. I personally use mine without a sound card and it has no background noise and easily picks up my voice from nearly half a meter away (A few adjustments were made to the sound options in Windows 10, such as microphone level).

There isn't much more to say, the quality of the microphone is great and easily matches to other gaming headsets such as Logitech G430 but for much cheaper. It can easily be matched to the Blue snowball.

I highly recommend this to anyone with a smaller budget for microphones. Prefer this over my previous pair of Logitech G230s. Besides, a Desktop Mic + Pair of Headphones is better than a Gaming headset any day.

very cheap
sound quality is amazing, better than my gaming headset which is more expensive
no background noise

Great mic with a great sound. I bought it because I had seen very positive reviews and sound tests of this mic on Youtube. It's light and easy to connect and use. The built-in gain wheel is a great plus.

fast shipping (14 days) works good. i dont like to write review becose i dont no english,
For Balkan peaple: dobar mikrofon za te pare, samo nije usb kako se da naslutiti po opisu.
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